This is a short video about the Shed and how it helps men to form friendships while working on projects, either for themselves or someone in need.

Official Opening

The Shed was officially opened in 2010 and we have come a long way since then. This video is quite long at 18 minutes, but will bring back some memories for our founding members.

Men’s Shed Movement

This short video gives some insight into why Men’s Sheds were started in Australia and how it has grown, even to other countries.

Australian Men’s Shed Association

This video is bit dated, but was produced by the national organization – The Australian Men’s Shed Association. There are many more sheds across Australia than when this was made in 2011 and proves the idea has been a success and is ever evolving.

Channel Ten Clip

Appearing on Channel Ten’s “7pm Project” in 2011, this clip is also a bit dated. But it should resonate with Australian men.

BBC Clip - Men's Sheds in the UK

While started in Australia, the Men’s Shed idea has spread to other countries including Ireland and the UK. This clip is from the BBC Breakfast program in 2013, and is an example of how individual sheds can focus their activities on whatever the members feel are the most important ones to them.