Our new site has been up and running for just under a month and is showing up in Google Search.

All the bugs we could test have been fixed and everything seems to be working as it should. We have our own Facebook Page and several new pages have been added to the website.

Committee members now have an Editor account, so they can make posts instead of just me – the webmaster.

New pages have been added under both the Literature and Gallery tabs. A page has also been dedicated to the many Sponsors who have made the existence of the Shed possible.

You can now download our monthly Newsletter “The Wrinkly Rag” as a PDF file. You can also download the Membership Application Form, and we hope to soon make it possible to fill it out using your computer by simply typing in your information.

The Photo Albums pages now have “Lightbox” support, which means you can see full size photos, and cycle through each one simply by clicking on the left or right of any image.

We also now have our own Facebook Page which you can access by clicking on the icon in the menu bar. If you have an account, visitor posts are enabled.

If you have any male relatives who are just sitting at home and either just staring at the wall or getting under everyone’s feet, why not let them know about the Shed. Men who have retired or been made redundant, or have physical or mental health issues, often find it difficult to find what to do with their days. The Shed is a great place for them to come and relax with other men, either getting involved with projects or merely “chewing the fat”.

No one is going to force them to do anything they don’t want to do.